Victims’ Rights Legislators Honored by

As a member of the bar in both Ohio and Illinois, Kyle Kirts has been able to provide his legal expertise in a diverse range of areas. In his Dayton, Ohio law practice, Mr. Kirts devotes his time to assisting clients with probate, criminal defense, and family legal issues. Before he assumed his current role, Kyle Kirts worked as a contractual lobbyist and as general counsel for the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (ILFOP). He was also employed as a staff attorney for the Illinois House of Representatives, and while there, served as a board member for

In May of 2009, presented the initial Legislator Hero awards to Illinois representatives and senators instrumental in supporting legislation upholding victims’ rights. Some of the recipients included state senators Tim Bivins, Dan Rutherford, and Edward Maloney. In the House of Representatives, Suzi Bassi, Bill Black, and Tom Cross were among the individuals applauded for their efforts.

Special commendation was made to then NIU-President Dr. John G. Peters for his support of the families affected by the Northern Illinois University shooting on Valentine’s Day 2008. In the so-called Valentine’s Day Massacre, six people lost their lives, including the perpetrator. IllinoisVictims.Org issued a press release in May 2009 to note the efforts of all those individuals who dedicate their work toward helping people affected by violent crimes.


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