The Legal Rights of Teen Mothers in Ohio

Over the course of his career, the Ohio attorney, Kyle T. Kirts, has represented a number of clients in family court. In addition, Kyle Kirts practices juvenile law.

From a legal standpoint, a teen mother is a child with a child. As such, she has rights and responsibilities both as a parent and as a minor. This situation can make her legal issues more complex than those of a single adult mother. However, like other mothers, she has default custody of her child and, as such, the responsibility to direct the child’s care and education. A teen mother who is found to be an unfit parent may lose custody of the child, possibly to the child’s father if paternity is proven or, otherwise, to her own parents.

Because she is a minor, a teenage mother has the right to attend school and benefit from the same opportunities as other students. The school must grant the teen mother medical leave when necessary and must excuse her absences when necessary for her own or her child’s care. Teen mothers also have the right to any state services to which they or their children are eligible, including food stamps and Title XX childcare.


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