Mandatory Transfer in the Juvenile Justice System

Ohio resident Kyle Kirts possesses 15 years of experience as a legal professional. A former staff attorney in the Illinois House of Representatives, Kyle T. Kirts currently represents clients in specialty areas including traffic, family, and juvenile law.

In the state of Ohio, a child charged with a criminal offense may be tried as an adult in a select set of circumstances. To be transferred out of the juvenile justice system, a child must be older than 14 and charged with a felony offense. While some cases allow the court to decide whether or not the accused should be transferred, others necessitate that the child be tried as an adult. A child must stand trial as an adult if he or she has been charged with murder or aggravated murder and is either 16 or 17 years old. These requirements also apply to children of 14 or 15 years who have been both charged with murder and previously committed to a Department of Youth Services (DYS) facility. Children must also be transferred out of the juvenile court system if they are charged with a serious felony offense at 16 or 17 years of age, and either used a firearm to commit the offense or spent time in a DYS facility.


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