Training for a 5K Race in Eight Weeks

For more than 15 years, Kyle Kirts has served as an attorney. He is currently based in Dayton, Ohio. When he is not practicing law, Kyle T. Kirts enjoys training for and running 5K races.

At just over three miles, 5K events are a perfect length for athletes building up to full marathons and other long-distance races. For inexperienced runners, a simple training regimen is possible that will prepare the body for running a 5K race in just eight weeks. During this training period, Fridays and Mondays should be used as rest days every week. Rest is of vital importance during training; skimping on rest days can lead to mental burnout and physical fatigue.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, meanwhile, should be used as the primary running days. Individuals should attempt to start with a one-mile run and increase their mileage by a quarter of a mile every week. At this pace, runners can hit the three-mile mark by week seven and run the distance six times prior to the race. Wednesdays and Sundays should be used for cross-training cardio activities, such as cycling or swimming. Strength training is also advisable for a cross-training option. Wednesdays and Sundays can also be used for additional rest if necessary.


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