Fighting a Traffic Ticket in Ohio

For the last six years Kyle T. Kirts has served clients in and around Dayton, Ohio, as an attorney at law. Kyle Kirts has experience in various areas of law, ranging from landlord and tenant disputes to traffic defense.

Ohio residents or travelers passing through the state have two options after receiving a traffic ticket. A person can choose to pay the ticket or to fight the charges. Individuals who opt to fight the ticket can either represent themselves during traffic court proceedings or can elect to hire a traffic ticket lawyer.

To officially challenge the ticket, a driver must enter a “not guilty” plea in writing on or before the court date and time listed on the citation. However, it can be advantageous to travel to the court well in advance of the trial date in order to fill out the necessary paperwork and perform beneficial research. A traffic lawyer skilled in the intricacies of Ohio driving laws can be especially helpful when it comes to the latter.

In the event of a successful challenge, all fees and penalties associated with the ticket will be waived by the court. However, an individual may still need to pay attorney fees and, if applicable, court fees.