About Kyle Kirts

Based in Dayton, Ohio, since 2009, Kyle Kirts currently maintains a private legal practice in the city, where he handles cases in a variety of areas, including criminal defense, probate law, issues involving property owners and tenants, and traffic violations. Mr. Kirts’ specific duties include representing individuals before municipal courts, preparing witnesses and clients for proceedings, and actively pursuing expedited solutions or settlements. In his work, Kyle Kirts draws on not only the education he received while pursuing his JD at the University of Dayton School of Law, but also his many years of experience in the legal industry.

Before forming his own practice, Kyle Kirts performed a number of functions for the Illinois House of Representatives. As a Republican staff attorney, he worked with caucus members on matters concerning procurement, methamphetamine use, juvenile offenses, identity theft, and other civil and criminal concerns. His duties also encompassed drafting and analyzing legislation. In other previous experience, Mr. Kirts served as agency counsel for the Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs, worked as an associate for a private law firm, and held assistant prosecutor responsibilities for the City of Dayton.


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