The Role of a Prosecutor in a Legal Trial

With 15 years of experience, legal professional Kyle T. Kirts practices as an attorney in Ohio. Additionally, Kyle T. Kirts is the former assistant prosecutor for the City of Dayton. During trial, prosecuting attorneys have a specific set of responsibilities.

In the American legal system, a prosecutor is the lawyer responsible for deciding whether or not to take a case to court. Prosecutors work with the police department to compile evidence for a trial, communicating with witnesses, as well as the perpetrator and victim of a crime, if possible.

If a prosecutor establishes enough substantial evidence to bring a case to trial, a defendant may hire a defense lawyer to counteract a prosecutor’s assertions. During a trial, it is the job of the prosecutor to prove to a jury or judge that the defendant committed the offense. This process may involve questioning witnesses, the victim, experts, and the suspect. Additionally, outside of the courtroom, a prosecutor can work with the defendant and his or her defense lawyer to establish plea agreements.